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The Vision Behind the Push

The vision behind Push began with its President & Founder, Jacqueline McLeeland, who was introduced to the field of public health after becoming a mom and recognizing some of the gaps within the health care system. She wanted to have a voice in providing a solution for all women and expectant families, particularly women who encounter added barriers to quality maternal care.

Furthermore, she identified the important role that community health workers (CHWs) and patient navigators play in the health system and the positive impact they could have on maternal morbidity and mortality rates. She was even more motivated to help make a difference while attending the Champions for Change Summit in 2019 presented by MoMMA’s Voices, a program of the Preeclampsia Foundation. Jacqueline was deeply moved by the stories of women and advocates who bravely spoke about their experiences and the experiences of their loved ones.

This journey led to the formation of Push with the goal to tackle many of the preventable causes of maternal morbidity and mortality through a trusted partnership.

Although both of Jacqueline’s deliveries were successful, as a high-risk patient and birth by cesarean, her pregnancies were not without their challenges. One of the key factors to her successful maternal health journey was having a strong support system through her husband and parents, along with access to the information and resources for a healthier prenatal experience. You can read more about her maternal health journey at MoMMA's Voices, where she highlights the following key takeaways she feels warrant strong consideration when addressing the maternal health crisis in the U.S.

  • The current climate of our health system is not always supportive of expectant mothers, which makes labor and pregnancy support that much more vital for women.

  • I want mothers to know they must believe in themselves, their ability to speak their voices, and to listen to their bodies and intuition. If something feels off, do not ignore it. Your health and well-being are just as important as your baby’s.

  • Even when there is cause for concern, effective communication can provide a level of comfort. A key factor to building patient-physician trust is keeping the patient informed in the matters of their own health.

  • Every woman deserves dignity and respect in her medical treatment, especially during such a vulnerable time like pregnancy and childbirth.


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