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Surviving the Storm

Recently, an unimaginable arctic storm brought Texas to its knees. I couldn’t help but imagine what a new mom must be going through as my wife and kids huddled under blankets near a fireplace to keep warm. Then there was the worry of food going bad since there was no electricity and no water…what to do? I reflected on my survival training and thought of a few simple steps to help be prepared for situations like this.

1. Fill empty plastic containers 70% full of water and put them in the freezer beforehand. You can keep these year-round. These will help keep your fridge and freezer cooler for longer. Especially if you are pumping and freezing.

2. Fill empty and sterilized/boiled plastic containers with clean water beforehand for cooking, drinking, or bathing.

3. Keep a ready stock of bottled water, including nursery water.

4. Buy Emergency Thermal Mylar Blankets. These are inexpensive and readily available online. They will help keep you warm and have an enormous amount of versatility in emergency situations.

5. Buy Hand/Body/Foot warmer packs that can be put in blankets to warm them before being wrapped around an infant. Do not put the packet with the child, use it to warm the cloth or your body. (Follow package instructions)

6. Consider non-toxic/baby safe sterilization tablets to help clean baby products and water for washing them.

7. If you have a method to warm water, a warm water bottle can help keep clothing and blankets warm…. remember layers!

8. Keep blinds closed, line windows with blankets/towels as a barrier, and close doors to rooms you don’t access to conserve ambient heat.

This list is not exhaustive, nor comprehensive, but rather adds some items for consideration that aren’t always a first thought. As a dad I can’t even fathom what goes through the mind of a new mom, but I do know that a little prep can save lives. Stay Safe!

Dr. J.A. McLeeland

Guest Writer, Push


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