Jacqueline McLeeland, MBA, CHW


Founder & President


When my oldest was approaching six weeks old, and while I was still recovering from a C-section, I felt forced to choose between my 12-year career, my family, or my health. I chose family and my health. Morally, it was an easy choice, but from a financial aspect, not so much. I was giving up a salary and health insurance when my husband and I needed it most. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I would journey into studying public health.

My personal experience, coupled with my education in public health, opened my eyes to the many flaws in our system and gaps in maternal health outcomes. In the face of high-risk pregnancies, I recognized how fortunate I was to have the information, resources, and support needed as a new mom. Not everyone has this. The more I researched maternal health, attended events to help raise awareness of the maternal health crisis, and listened to the stories of women and those left behind, the more I felt called to have a voice in providing solutions for women and expectant families. This desire is what gave rise to Push.


Originally from Liberia, Jacqueline McLeeland came to the United States as a child and spent her early years in New York and Texas. Prior to establishing Push, Jacqueline worked in the clinical research industry for over 10 years in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs before becoming a work-at-home mom. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Applied Sociology and a Master of Business Administration. Jacqueline is also a patient advocate and certified community health worker (CHW) in the state of Texas. She is in the final phase of her graduate certificate in public health while working toward her Master of Legal Studies in Nonprofit Law. When not attending to business you can find Jacqueline doing what she enjoys most, spending time with her family.