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About PUSH

Incorporated: 2020

Headquartered: Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

501(c)(3) Designation: October 2020 


Who We Are: We are frontline health workers, public health professionals, maternal care providers, and community leaders committed to improving maternal health experiences and outcomes through an integrated approach to care. Recognizing the importance of locally based interventions, cultural awareness, quality improvement, and access to resources, our services are designed to advance health equity for women of color, families at higher risk of pregnancy-related complications, and the medically uninsured or underinsured, while remaining available to all women and families.

Our Story: The inspiration for PUSH began with Jacqueline McLeeland’s personal maternal health journey. In 2015, she started researching the maternal health crisis and the challenges new mothers face in the workplace. Her experiences led to the creation of a network of maternal health advocates and community leaders as she laid the foundation for PUSH.

Our organization is built on personal experiences that shape our culture, purpose, and the communities we serve. We are moms, dads, and humans who have experienced the full spectrum of maternal health challenges. Our team includes families who have faced loss during childbirth, women who developed health issues during pregnancy, and moms once identified as high-risk. We embody diversity, in all aspects, and are dedicated to using our personal experiences and professional skills to collectively PUSH for better maternal health experiences and outcomes throughout Texas and beyond, wherever our services are needed

Our Purpose: Prioritizing women and moms-to-be, their health, and their holistic well-being, no matter their ZIP code. 

Our Vision: A healthy birth experience for every woman, every child, and every family. 

Our Mission: To improve maternal health experiences and outcomes through a trusted partnership and support system.

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Our Core Values

Our culture. Our guiding principles. Our commitment to each other and the community. 


Where We Started

PUSH is established in Texas and receives its 501(c)(3) designation. 

if you change nothing, nothing will change sign on the torn paper on the black background.
Mother and Daughter


Pathways to PUSH®

PUSH announces its Pathways to PUSH® program, our continued commitment to building an environment supportive of all women and families while recognizing the path to a healthier pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care looks different for every family and every pregnancy.  

The PUSH Newsletter

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PUSH receives funding to design a capacity development and sustainability plan (Doula Expansion Program Throughout Houston) that will grow a network of professionally trained doulas in Greater Houston to help address the community’s maternal morbidity and mortality crisis.

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