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PUSH is here to partner with women, moms, and families in any way we can, within the scope of services offered. If you need “quick service” navigation, our programs seek to provide that for you. If you need “full service” management, we seek to provide this level of community care as well.


Have questions? Contact PUSH to speak with a Care Associate for more information on how we can assist you and your family, before, during, and after pregnancy.

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Your health before pregnancy is your preconception health. Taking an active role in your preconception health will help you establish the goals you desire when you become pregnant, understand the condition of your health, and know the risk factors that could affect your health or the health of your unborn baby. Being proactive in your personal care can improve your chances of a healthy pregnancy experience. 

At PUSH, we believe maternal health begins before a woman gets pregnant. It means taking care of yourself holistically. The sooner you put this into practice, the better it is for your overall health.

Click here to access the CDC Pregnancy Planner.



A healthy pregnancy creates a path to a healthy birth outcome.


Prenatal care is the care you receive while you are pregnant. Timely prenatal care can help reduce complications during your pregnancy as well as prevent problems during delivery. This is your opportunity to also learn about labor and delivery. Not receiving prenatal care can result in life-threatening complications for you and your baby. Receiving prenatal care is your chance to build a good relationship with your obstetric care provider(s), ask questions, and receive the answers you need to make smart decisions about your health, your pregnancy, and the health of your baby.


Click here to access the NIH Pregnancy Reference Cards. 



Starting a family is a beautiful thing, but not everyone has the same experience. We don’t acknowledge or talk enough about the physical, emotional, and mental changes that women go through during and after pregnancy.


The postpartum phase, also known as the “fourth trimester”, is the time after childbirth. During this stage, the body along with its internal workings (hormones, uterus, etc.) are expected to return to their nonpregnant state. The Postpartum phase is just as important as the prenatal phase. Having a network of support is crucial whether this is your first, second, or third pregnancy.


At PUSH, we consider the postpartum phase to be a minimum of 12 months after pregnancy which varies per individual, especially for high-risk moms. Many of our team members are moms who can understand the emotional cycle, feelings of isolation, and self-doubt experienced during this time. We get it. We want you to know there is no shame in asking for the help you may need to create the healthiest environment for your physical and mental wellness.

Click here to access Postpartum Fact Sheet. 

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