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Cathy Cortez


Board Member


Acti-Kare Galveston

I was told that I would not be able conceive due to Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome that presented itself at age 15. Yet, it was having a child that changed my entire life.


By 24 I had become a reckless person with little regard for the future or my impact on other people’s lives. Through an act of divine intervention, I was able to conceive my “miracle child.” From the experience of pregnancy and childbirth I began to understand my place in the larger picture of the universe. This spiritual, emotional and physical journey was, and continues to be, the most rewarding. Although it was also the most frightening experience, for which I was in no way prepared, it is because of this experience that I am the person able to help others at this juncture today.


I was blessed to have taken that journey with an involved and committed partner, the support of family and friends, and capable and compassionate medical staff. If there is any way that I can assist other moms to have the same level of support that I experienced, it would be for the benefit of all.



Cathy is a board member for PUSH and is the owner of Acti-Kare Galveston. Acti-Kare is an in-home care company that provides customized care plans for anyone in need of assistance with activities of daily living in order to achieve independence in their daily lives. Their primary focus is on seniors and senior care, but their scope of services includes pregnancy care, post-natal care, childcare, and post-operative care. 


”I believe in taking care of others. I believe that everyone deserves a chance.”

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