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PUSH Birth Partners® | Women's Health. Maternal Health. Family Health.

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An integrated approach to maternal wellness for all families.
Programs are designed to address social determinants of health and the disproportionate rates of adverse outcomes in historically underserved populations (women of color, families at higher risk of pregnancy-related complications, and the medically uninsured / underinsured.)


It’s 2023, yet women are still dying from preventable causes, experiencing life-threatening events during labor and delivery and, depending on their zip code, have limited or no access to equitable health care.

This is why we PUSH.

Our Mission
PUSH is dedicated to improving maternal health experiences and outcomes through a trusted partnership and support system.

Our Credence
We believe maternal health begins before a woman gets pregnant. We believe every birthing family deserves a trusted partnership and support system, before, during, and after pregnancy. We believe the health and wellbeing of mom is just as important as the health and wellbeing of the baby.

Person-Centered Care.

Receive the health information and care management you need prior to your pregnancy to ensure you and your family are better prepared.

During your pregnancy rely on a team that can provide compassionate support during one of the most critical times of a woman's life.

Take measures to reduce potential risks with a trusted partnership and support system.

Post pregnancy, we remain an advocate for your needs through continued care and for your well-being.

-Women's Health
-Maternal Health 
-Family Health

-Sickle Cell Anemia/Disease
-Other Hemoglobinopathies and Rare Conditions

Excited Brother

Whole Person

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Pregnancy should be a joyous experience, but this is a false reality for many women around the world, including the United States. Far too many new and expectant mothers die in the U.S. each year from pregnancy-related complications while an additional 60,000 women experience life-threatening postpartum complications. Women of color, particularly Black women, are at increased risk of adverse outcomes during and after pregnancy, despite socioeconomic status. Pregnancy-related deaths can occur during pregnancy, at delivery, or up to a year after pregnancy (postpartum phase). Studies within the past two years reveal that over 80% of these deaths are preventable. The preventable rate rises to 90% for families in states like Texas. Additional challenges often arise for women and families living with certain conditions

The Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Review Committee's #1 recommendation:
"Increase access to comprehensive health services during pregnancy, the year after pregnancy, and throughout the preconception and interpregnancy periods to facilitate continuity of care, implement effective care transitions, promote safe birth spacing, and improve lifelong health of women."  

This is why we PUSH!



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